Female-to Male Top Surgery

Gender confirmation surgery involves removing breast tissue and reconstruction of the chest to make it appear more masculine. Liposuction may be utilized to enhance chest definition. It requires an attention to detail and is an incredibly satisfying and life-affirming surgery. Dr. Feiner has extensive experience from his training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital with gender-affirming techniques including:

1. Keyhole: Removal of breast tissue through a small incision around the areola

2. Periareolar/Areola reducing: Breast tissue is removed through the keyhole approach and the areola is made smaller to create a masculine-appearing areola

3. Double incision with pedicled nipple or nipple graft: The breast tissue is removed through an incision in the crease under the breast to contour the scar along the edge of the chest muscle. The nipple may remain attached to preserve circulation or placed as a skin graft along the lower outer edge of the chest muscle.