360 Body Lift

A body lift is performed to remove areas of excess fat and skin following massive weight loss. This weight loss may be the result of diet and exercise or weight loss surgery. Body lifts are not a substitute for weight loss and should be performed once you have stabilized at your goal weight. Localized fat deposits may be addressed with a combination of skin excision and liposuction.

Areas treated:

  • Abdomen- excess skin may be removed from the front of the abdomen. In cases of circumferential excess, the skin may need to be removed 360 degrees around the body
  • Lower back/Buttocks- a 360 body lift typically involves the removal of excess skin from the lower back and elevation of the buttocks
  • Thighs- thigh lift may need to be performed in addition to the treatment of the abdomen and trunk

Risks of a 360 Lift:

The risk of pain, bleeding, infection, and reactions to anesthesia may occur as with any surgical procedure. There are risks specific to body lift and liposuction that include:

  • Seroma- fluid accumulation under the incisions
  • Widened and unsightly scars
  • Wound breakdown and delayed healing
  • Numbness
  • Recurrent loose skin
  • Blood clot (Deep Venous Thrombosis- DVT)